Become a first-class foreign trade salesman to do

1. Better understanding of the product's technology than the factory's technicians!

2, know more about the production than the factory's director.

3, more familiar with the market than customers.

How much do you know about your customers?

5, professional salesman, you do what you want to do, should not do, you have to do, as long as everything you do can help yourself to ship and hold customers.

6, no matter how your product quality and delivery date, you must feel that your product is world-class, delivery is no problem!

7, the customer as a "fool", you can marry him. But don't be an idiot and don't lie to him.

8, a salesman's performance is proportional to his working hours. It is inversely proportional to the time he sits in the office.

9. Never believe in any factory. You should be a liar to the factory.