Vita international freight forwarder

Shenzhen vita international logistics is a national first class freight forwarder registered to the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Located in Shenzhen city, China.

Our service is flexible and can be customized as per customer needs.
We offer the following range of services -

Air Freight Export and Import
Sea Freight Export and Import
GOH Service
Transshipment Service
Combined Transport/Multi Modal Transportation
Compliance of SOP
PO Management
Consolidation Service
Custom Brokerage
Warehousing and Distribution
Door-to-Door Service
In-land Transportation
Project Cargo Handling
Freighter Chartering and Operation

We will provide thoughtful and professinonal service to you:
1. Follow your cargoes voyage
2. Keep you updated with the latest status of all your goods
3. Ensure your cargo safe
4. Providing the best and cost-saving way for your transportation
5. Saving your time and costs and help you promote your business booming forever.
6. Accepting your suggestion to serve for you in your expected way.
Welcom you inquiries. We here service to you!

Multi-function Robot:

Multi-Function Robot are mainly used in hotel, etc.  Convenient and practical, designed for the hotel industry. The multi-Service Robot has the functions of welcome, delivery and guidance, integrating automatic control, multi-sensor sensing collision avoidance, path planning and other technologies.Multi Function Hotel Intelligent Service Robot

If you have any questions, please contact with us directly. Here is Henan First Century Robot Co., Ltd. We are looking forward to serving you. 

Multi-function Robot

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