Construction and development of the airport should be considered as "economic and social" two accounts

Foxconn boss Guo Taiming said when he attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Huai'an Airport. One of the conditions for him to invest in Huai'an is to have an airport in the local area, because it is related to whether the electronic products produced by Foxconn can be quickly delivered to customers. Similarly, the South African Sasol Group, the world's leading manufacturer of coal-to-liquids and gas-to-liquids, is most concerned about whether there is an airport at the time when it negotiates investment projects with the Yulin Municipal Government of Shaanxi. It is rumored that the Sasol Group immediately heard the local airport and immediately made the investment.

The possession of an airport in a region will indeed bring a favorable bargaining chip for its investment, and will also improve the local investment environment and optimize the economic structure of the region. Therefore, in recent years, the enthusiasm of governments at all levels to build airports has been extremely high. In some areas where the economy is developing at a high speed, the government has also taken the initiative to raise funds and build its own airports, such as Erdos Airport.

Of course, building an airport can only be regarded as building a building. To truly give these airports "life", it depends on the active support of the government.

For the relationship between civil aviation investment and national economic return is 1:8, local governments are very aware of the "economic account". Therefore, some local governments have opened a "green light" to the construction and operation of the airport, giving the airport policy support such as route subsidies, operating subsidies, tax reductions and non-aeronautical resources development. In order to support the development of the airport, the Ganzhou Municipal Government and the Jiangxi Airport Group also jointly established the Zhangzhou Aviation Development Service Co., Ltd., which is responsible for routes, flight operations and capital operations. This year, Zhangzhou Airport also received an aviation development fund of 65 million yuan.

However, then, if the economic benefits of the airport are not so clear, how should we settle accounts? Whether it is necessary to measure both the economic and social indicators. After all, in the event of a rescue or other emergency, the airport has the same significance. Yushu Airport is a good example. After the earthquake, Yushu Airport became the only channel for foreign rescue forces to enter the area and became the “bridgehead” for life rescue.

Therefore, local governments should not neglect the social value of the airport when building and developing airports. Reminiscent of floods in many provinces and autonomous regions, many tributaries have collapsed. Some people have accused some local governments of not having flood prevention awareness. "Water conservancy projects do not create GDP. When it is not extremely tight, local governments will not invest capital and manpower. It can drag and drop." And for the construction of the airport, if you hold the same attitude, I am afraid that we will suffer the last loss.

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