Contacting US buyers

For U.S. buyers, do not send your promotional letter by fax. Sending a marketing letter without faxing will not be taken seriously, and what is even worse is illegal in the United States. Then for the US buyers, the following 12 recommendations hope to provide some help to Chinese exporters who are committed to entering the US market.

1. Mailing company information. Send your company's brochure (preferably a nice one) to sell your product. The modern way is to send letters and brief brochures. Introduce your company, explain the characteristics of the products you sell, and encourage him to visit your website to learn more about the situation. The booklet should be short, up to four pages.

2. Join the U.S. trade associations associated with your industry sector. Being a member of such an association will allow you to directly contact people who know the industry. They can answer all your questions directly, including technical issues. In doing so, exporters can indicate to US importers that they are serious about doing business with the United States, and that they can get monthly magazines sent by most associations.

3. Participate in trade fairs as much as possible. Participating in trade fairs is a good way to display products, get feedback from products, observe competitors, and discover other opportunities. Chinese exporters should participate in various trade fairs and exhibitions in the United States.

4. Read the U.S. newspapers related to your industry. It will enable you to understand all the information and technology related to the industry and keep pace with the times. The related articles will tell you about the progress of other companies. The advertisement will show you what is in the market and what it needs.

5. Have a pleasing website. In today's market, it is very important to have a beautifully designed web page. American importers like to log in to a website to see what new styles and models the supplier can provide. It's best to list your e-mail on every page of the website. Today, the preferred method for people to communicate is via email. In addition, keep your address, telephone number, and fax number in easy-to-find locations on the web.

6. Pay attention to quality control. Consumers in the United States (as well as importers in the United States) insist that the products they buy must have good quality. If they find that their purchases are not usable, damaged, or are not what they expect, they are used to returning goods and asking for a refund. Therefore, to ensure that your company has an effective quality management system, it is much easier to find defective products before they leave the factory than it is to return them.

7. Delivery on time. If you promise to ship to a U.S. importer at a certain time, you must absolutely guarantee at that time, or ship the goods in advance. Delay in shipment is one of the biggest and most serious complaints from US importers to foreign suppliers. Because, after receiving the supplier's confirmed delivery time, they started to market and told consumers that the goods began to be listed on a certain date. If your product does not arrive on that day, the result is very bad.

8. Set up a representative office in the United States. US importers are willing to do business with people in the United States. They know that language and time zone are not a problem. US importers also know that if there is any problem or there is a legal dispute, the responsible person will be easier to deal with locally.

9. Strengthen contact with buyers. Now that we have tools like yahoo message, MSN message or sky, we can strengthen our contact with buyers and talk to them more, such as their hobbies, family, etc., and increase their feelings with buyers.

10. Provide buyers with information that may be of value to their business. Remember: When you can make your customers make money, your customers will also make you earn money.

11. Use English correctly. The sales letter or pamphlet that you send to the importer represents the image of your company. The use of correct and formatted letters in modern English will be valued. If English grammar is not grammatical and the format is confused, it will certainly not be taken seriously.

12. Determine the target market. Carefully select US importers and send new letters and pamphlets every six months to companies that you think fit. This is because some companies will place orders for you when they see the first letter, while other companies may only place orders when they see the second, third, or fourth seal. American importers like to see you are doing serious business with them.