Copying the "Tour + Real Estate" model, the second round of OCT acceleration

[May Point Network] In August this year, OCT Group Shanghai Happy Valley will officially open. This is the fourth theme park of OCT Happy Valley brand, which opened with Chengdu Happy Valley. And the eastern OCT is all...

[ May Point Network] In August this year, OCT Group Shanghai Happy Valley will officially open. This is the fourth theme park of OCT Happy Valley brand, which opened with Chengdu Happy Valley. The eastern OCT will be fully opened, and the first phase of Taizhou OCT will open in the second half of the year. Large-scale eco-tourism projects will also break ground in Yunnan in September. So far, the first round of the national strategic layout of OCT has been completed.

It is reported that OCT has signed framework agreements with cities such as Tianjin and Wuhan, and will accelerate the second round of strategic layout.

Contraction and expansion

OCT has a domestic listed company of A2 in Shenkangjia and OCT, and OCT (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd. listed in Hong Kong and more than 60 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding companies, involving real estate, hotel development, tourism and related cultural industries, electronics and supporting Packaging product manufacturing.

The success of OCT is not achieved overnight.

From the establishment of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Construction Headquarters in 1985, and the establishment of the OCT Group in 1997, OCT actually experienced a major adjustment of the main business, or called the large contraction.

In 1993, the current CEO and president Ren Kelei came to OCT. At that time, OCT Group, like most state-owned enterprises, had more than 110 subordinate enterprises, covering a wide range of businesses, covering more than 30 industries including textiles, printing and dyeing, toys, bicycles and cameras.

Through comprehensive analysis, Ren Kelei found that enterprises distributed in more than 20 industries accounted for 70% of the total resources of OCT, but the contribution of profits only accounted for more than 10%, and the income of 70% or 80% mainly came from electronics. , tourism and real estate industries.

Since 1994, OCT has decisively stripped off its sideline business and gradually established three main businesses of electronics, tourism and real estate, thus developing into today's “real estate and hotel development and operation, tourism and related cultural industry operations, electronics and supporting packaging products. Manufacturing "three main businesses and five sub-groups.

After 1986, the registered capital of OCT expanded all the way, from the initial 3 million yuan to more than 2 billion yuan of registered capital, with total assets of more than 40 billion yuan.

This has nothing to do with the expansionary transformation of OCT.

At the beginning of the establishment of the OCT Economic Development Zone, it was a semi-administrative development zone. The OCT Construction Headquarters used the Shekou model to construct and manage the development zone.

“OCT realizes that this system will seriously affect the adjustment of industrial structure in the future, unable to form its own industry and limit the development space. Therefore, OCT takes the initiative to transform itself into a pure enterprise, and has several enterprises under the original development zone. Transforming into a company with a number of development zones under it, thus mastering the dominance of the industry. OCT changed from 'landlord' to 'capitalist', from 'rental renter' to 'investor', from a small market to a big one. Market. This is a fundamental change in OCT." Ren Kelei pointed out.

Then, OCT Group began to implement strategic layout in the three main businesses: according to the characteristics of the industry, the electronic business and packaging and printing business chose a place with low labor cost and convenient transportation as a production base, which was widely distributed throughout the country; + Real estate mode, which has developed or is about to develop large-scale comprehensive tourism projects in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jiangsu, Taizhou, Yunnan, Kunming, Tianjin, Hubei, Wuhan, Xi'an, Shaanxi, etc., forming a cross-industry based in Shenzhen and radiating across the country. Cross-regional development pattern.

Don't do Chinese Disney

The core business of OCT Group is the operation of tourism and related cultural industries. The products represented include the theme parks and eco-resorts represented by Splendid China, Window of the World, Happy Valley and the upcoming OCT.

Zheng Fan, party secretary of OCT Group, told reporters that in this industry, OCT has initially completed the first round of industrial development in China.

“That is to say, in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, the first round of development strategy was basically completed. From 4.8 square kilometers of land, the land ownership in Yunnan and Tianjin is now more than 30 square kilometers. "Zheng Fan said, "As of the end of 2008, the number of tourists in OCT's tourist attractions has reached 132 million, becoming the first brand of China's tourism industry, and has been among the top eight global tourist scenic spots for several years."

As Shanghai Happy Valley Theme Park is about to enter the Shanghai Disney City “Derby City Derby” with rumors, many people will inevitably compare the two. However, compared with Disney’s entry into Hong Kong two years ago, OCT seems to be much more comfortable.

Yao Jun, president of OCT Holdings Co., Ltd. said, "OCT will never advertise that it is China's Disney, because we want to do the most distinctive in the same industry. China's theme park, China's OCT Group, must be the final In the world tourism industry, the Chinese nation and the independent and innovative tourism industry brand.” Yao Jun said, “In fact, the first year of OCT and Hong Kong Disneyland coexisted in Hong Kong and Guangdong as a big market, but it led to the number of tourists in Shenzhen’s Happy Valley that year. The revenue has increased substantially. Compared with Disney, we pay more attention to experiential projects. For example, according to the cultural and historical characteristics of Shanghai, Shanghai Happy Valley has created a theme area called Shanghai.

Pushing the "tourism + real estate" model

The OCT Group theme park was initially developed by rolling accumulation, but it was later found that this development model is not suitable for the needs of the theme park as an industry.

The theme park has non-movable characteristics. In the long business cycle, the market radius and the number of tourists have not changed much. One of its distinctive features is that the one-time investment is large, the operating cost is high, and the income is relatively stable, but the growth is strong. not tall.

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