E-commerce terminology

1, banner advertising (banner)
It is a picture that represents the commercial content of a business and is placed on the advertiser's page, usually 468×60 pixels, or 233×30 pixels, which is often animated and thus most attractive.

2, page views (page view)
The total number of pages viewed on the site.

3, advertising ratings (impression)
The number of times the page containing the ad was visited. The counter on the counter is the number of advertisements for the page.

4, click through (click through)
The visitor visits the vendor's webpage by clicking on the banner ad, saying "click" once. Clicking on this ad means that he is interested in advertising and wants more detailed information.

5, click ratio (click ratio)
If this page appears 10,000 times and the number of clicks on ads on a web page is 500, then the click rate is 5%.

6, home page views (first view)
It is the first screen we see when we visit a page. This is the best place to advertise. Therefore, our advertising banners are generally located in this position.

7. Per-person visit fee (CPM: Cost Per Thousand)
For example, if the unit price of a banner ad is ¥1/CPM, it means ¥1 for every thousand people seeing the banner, and so on. If you visit 10,000 people, it would be ¥10.

8. User Sessions
Refers to different numbers of people visiting the site. If a person visits the same site repeatedly, they can only count once, mainly through Cookie technology.

The secret for customers to chase you

In the current era of information explosion, the increasingly difficult to do business in international trade is probably the common feeling of businesses. Especially in today's global financial crisis. Therefore, in an unfavorable environment and with more fierce competition, it is extremely important how we can get orders in the same conditions or even worse than others.

Tip 1: Improve your overall quality, the higher the overall quality, the more attractive

We often encounter such situations: On the same issue, people often answer four words, their rationality, logic, and feasibility are on top of everyone. why? That is a high overall quality of people. Therefore, our businessmen must also pay attention to learning anytime, anywhere, pay attention to accumulating experience, pay attention to experience, and pay attention to constantly improve their self-cultivation. As the saying goes: “Being a business person first needs to do it”, in fact, it does not only mean that you should speak with integrity, but more importantly, you must have a higher level of ideology and culture. In this way, when you come in contact with your customers, you will feel that your conversation is good, and you will be elegant, knowledgeable, respectful, and trustworthy before you do business. In this way, after a few contacts, they often become friends with their customers. Slowly they become "iron buddies." That business is not a problem.

Tip 2: Win-win is a prerequisite, the price is fundamental

Immature or inexperienced clerk, after receiving the inquiry, often report high prices first, lest they make less money. In fact, today's explosion of information, the price of general products is very transparent. Do not think that customers are more stupid than you, people can earn more than others, you can get orders and you have the opportunity to make money. Attracting customers as much as possible through reasonable prices is victory. With more customers, the factory is producing at full capacity and it achieves the goal of puerile, and making money steadily. The metropolitan who can ask for a quote on the Internet asks about seven of the last eight companies. Your high quotation will not have a chance. As the saying goes: "Riding in gold is not as good as flowing into the water." This is the truth. I generally hold a quote that is lower than the market price, so that customers will eventually find you in nine out of ten cases.

Tip 3: Quality and Efficiency of Service

In the cooperation with customers, some mistakes are inevitable, but we must do our best after-sales service in the principle of good faith. In this way, we can further consolidate the friendly and cooperative relationship with our customers.