Hainan became a shopping paradise in Chongqing, playing the "anti-war" card

[Maidian.com] Hainan is positioned as a world-class island leisure and holiday destination, which will bring Hainan tourism to a new level. Yesterday, people in the tourism industry in our city said, "The State Council is about promoting...

[Maidian.com] Hainan is positioned as a world-class island leisure and holiday destination, which will bring Hainan tourism to a new level. Yesterday, people from the tourism industry in our city said that the debut of the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Construction and Development of Hainan International Tourism Island" was the highlight of another development tourism after the introduction of the "Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Tourism" at the beginning of last month. The spring of tourism development has come. Chongqing should make full use of its own resource characteristics and develop into the fashion and charm capital of China and the world through the construction of “Five Chongqing”.

Hainan's unique advantages

Liao Wei, general manager of Chongqing China Travel Group, said that Hainan has unique marine and island resources. Although it is a first-class tourist destination in China, it is not the world's top tourist destination. At present, the main tourist destinations in Hainan are middle and low-end guests, and high-end tourists tend to go to island countries such as the Maldives. He believes that Hainan has a natural resource advantage to build an international tourist island, but it still needs to be strengthened in the facilities. For example, although Sanya Yalong Bay in Hainan is now a five-star hotel, there are no higher-end hotels, such as six-star hotels. If you have a higher-end hotel and other facilities, then you can attract politicians, rich people and stars from all over the world to come on holiday.

Liao Wei said that the State Council's "Opinions" proposed to build and operate a duty-free shop, which is a major basis for Hainan tourism to attract a lot of popularity. Many tourists who go to Hong Kong and Dubai in China are going to the shopping paradise. Why? It is mainly to go to duty-free shopping malls, which is much cheaper than domestic shopping. In the future, Hainan has a duty-free shop, so you can also become an international shopping paradise.

Chongqing should fight against the war card

A travel agency manager who did not want to be named said that Hainan is a popular place for domestic tourism “zero-negative group fees”. The “Opinions” require standardizing the ticket prices for scenic spots, rectifying “zero-negative group fees”, false advertisements, etc., and cracking down on prices. Fraud and unfair competition are very necessary. At present, there are individual travel agencies in Chongqing who are also engaged in “zero-negative group fees”. For example, why hundreds of Hong Kong and Macao tourists can make a trip. What is the trick in the middle? Our competent authorities should increase investigation and punishment and resolutely regulate the market.

A tour guide suggested that the country now attaches great importance to tourism development. Chongqing tourism must have its own clear positioning. For example, Chongqing's anti-Japanese war resources are very rich and should be built as a special tourism in Chongqing. (Chongqing Morning News)

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