How difficult is it to allocate a school bus? The approval is very strict and the risk has to be considered

How difficult is it to allocate a school bus? The approval is very strict and the risk has to be considered At 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, outside the primary school near Cheng Jinqing’s fast track in Chengdu, the police of the Fourth Battalion of the fifth branch of the traffic police stopped a fire three rounds. A schoolboy wearing a school uniform was sitting in the car, while Master Li was slightly flustered. At this time, in the afternoon, many elementary school students pick up and drop off at the school gate. "The three rounds of fire are too fluid. They are driven away for a while and the school bus is still in the process of application," said the person in charge of the school.

Three rounds of fire became a “tribal school bus,” and what about the school buses in primary and secondary schools? In the investigation, the reporter found that school bus leases accounted for only a small percentage of car rental company's business. In addition to the rigorous registration review process, costs are also a major constraint on school buses.

There are not many school bus leases for school bus lease signing schools, which account for only a small percentage of our daily business. Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Huaxi Dushi Bao interviewed Ms. Wang, a staff member of Chengdu Hujun Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. She told reporters that there are only 3 schools that have signed school bus rental agreements with the company for a long time.

“Some of these are short-term leases, such as holidays and spring tours, which require vehicles.” Miss Wang said that because the school bus has very strict approvals, it is usually the school that finds the company. After requesting models, lines, and prices, the company then purchases vehicles according to demand. , Approved by the Vehicle Administration Office and the Education Department, and applied for a school bus. "Using a school bus is usually a large bus, so the cost will be lower. The lease time is one to two years."

“The school bus rental business won't get much, the school will consider the cost, and we are very careful.” Mr. Zhang, an employee of a car rental company near the South Railway Station said.

The process of approving the school bus was rather strict. The reporter inquired that according to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) implemented from July 1 last year and the National Standard for Safety of Primary School Pupils Safety issued by the United Nations Family Standards Commission, the school bus standard is used to ensure the safety of primary school students. It is required that seat belts must be installed in every pupil's seat. At least one caretaker seat should be installed on each school bus. When there are more than 40 seats, at least two caretaker seats should be installed. Dedicated primary school bus must also install a car driving recorder.

“At present, relevant departments have high requirements for school bus safety indicators, and the approval process is also very strict.” A police officer from the Vehicle Administration Office of the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau said that schools should be equipped with school buses and they must first purchase vehicles to educate the district (city) county. The competent administrative department applies and obtains the approval certificate.

"Secondly, in accordance with the requirements of the national standard "School Bus Marking" (GB24315-2009), the school bus body exterior signs and paintings shall be set up, including school bus signs, Chinese characters, and school bus contour marks, etc." The police said that the school bus must also arrive at the bus. After registration, the management office shall apply to the administrative department in charge of the territory, the traffic police brigade of the county (city) county or the traffic police branch of the city for registration, and assign the school bus number, before they can engage in school bus operations.

At the same time, the qualifications of school bus drivers are also very high.

Equipped with school bus cost risks should be considered "At present, we have already reported the "Special School Bus Review Filing Form" to the Longtan Sub-district Office of Chenghua District, hoping to help us to link up with the school bus bid-related matters through the sub-district office." Guilin Primary School, Chengdu, China He Ni As introduced, the school has been open for more than a year and currently has 247 students. In order to provide convenience to students, the school had already had an idea of ​​applying for a school bus in the previous semester.

“There are no direct bus lines around the school. The students are very young. If there is no school bus transfer, some parents may choose to let the children take the fire for three rounds.” He Ni said that although the application has been submitted, it can be passed She does not have the bottom.

He Ni’s concerns have two factors. One is cost. “Any secondary school and elementary school is a problem that cannot be solved when deciding whether or not to have a school bus.” Guo Maomei, deputy headmaster of Paulownia Primary School (Xizi Xianghe Campus) in Chengdu, told reporters that if a school bus is provided, the cost of running the school bus should be determined by the school. take responsibility. "Oil fees, driver's wages, and vehicle maintenance are all no small sums."

"As far as I know, there are very few schools equipped with school buses to transport students to and from Chengdu." Guo Maomei said that school buses carry children through the city every day. "In the event of a traffic accident, the school must take responsibility. The good intentions have become a bad thing."

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