Improve the quality of tour guides and promote the development of tourism

Wang Qishan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, hosted a symposium on guide work in Beijing on the 20th. He emphasized that tourism is a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and that tour guides are an important part of tourism services. We must adhere to a people-centered approach, start with the study and training, service management, and institutional and institutional reforms, constantly improve the quality of tour guides, speed up organizational innovation, and promote sound and rapid development of the tourism industry.
Wang Qishan carefully listened to some tour guides and travel agents, tour guide training organizations, and tourism management departments responsible comrades. He said that since the reform and opening up, the team of tour guides has grown and a group of outstanding tour guides have emerged, making important contributions to the rapid development of tourism. The professional quality and level of tour guides are directly related to the quality of tourism services. There are many tour guides for food, beverage, and entertainment. We must fully understand the important status and role of tour guides and regard the construction of tour guides as an important task.
Wang Qishan emphasized that we must comprehensively improve the overall quality of tour guides. First, the majority of tour guides should strengthen the study and reserve of all kinds of knowledge, improve their own quality, and make profound achievements. The second is to use various measures such as “leading into the classroom”, network, and grade examinations to strengthen the professional skills of the tour guides, emergency risk aversion, and professional ethics training. The third is to constantly reform the management system of tour guides and study and improve the system of tour guides' pay and social security. Fourth, explore the establishment of tour guide associations, give full play to the self-discipline role of industry organizations, and form a noble professional style. The fifth is to establish a mechanism for the entry and exit of tour guides, strengthen supervision, and maintain a good order in the tourism market.
Wang Qishan pointed out that at present, the great potential of China's tourism industry is erupting. We must implement the "State Council's Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Industry" in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Party and the Central Economic Work Conference, accelerate the transformation of tourism development methods, and do a good job in tourism. We will continue to promote reform, opening up, and innovation and give full play to the basic role of the market in allocating resources. Meet the diverse and personalized needs of different tourists. Strengthen the construction of "soft environment", especially from civilized incense, toilet management, etiquette costumes and other details and details. Reorganize and standardize the tourism market order and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. All regions, departments, and all aspects must be integrated into services to form a concerted effort to make tourism a strategic pillar industry.
Responsible comrades of the Party Central Committee, relevant departments of the State Council and people's organizations, and responsible comrades of tourism management departments of provinces, regions, and cities participated in the forum.
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