It is easy to make mistakes for foreign trade beginners, and how much do you account for?

Most foreign traders should often be troubled by quotes and sentiment issues in the foreign trade sector. Let's talk about quotes first. In terms of quotation alone, newcomers are often prone to make the following mistakes:

1. Do not understand the market blind offer.
Of course, most people, especially newcomers, are not qualified to set their own prices. The right to speak is with the boss. However, even if we have the full right to offer, we may not report it well. Because it is possible to have a good understanding of their products and prices, major target markets and quotations from their peers prior to quoting with customers, they do not understand as much as possible about customers from all aspects. This makes us lose the initiative in dealing with customers. For example, after many customers sent inquiries, they did not use an effective way (telephone, network, etc.) to understand the customer, but only blindly returned, waiting for customers to send orders. This result will inevitably make our bamboo basket empty.

2. There is no effective method or gap.
In the process of offering an offer, there was no specific analysis of specific issues, but the pursuit of “one size fits all” was swiftly pursued. Instead of classifying customers by level, only the beard and eyebrows grabbed it. In the end, it came back to a plate, the price was reported, and people ran away.

3. Do not dig deep into customers and lack customer tracking.
The main body of the market is the commodity, and the owner of the commodity is the person, the person in the market (merchant), which is what we call the customer. As long as the occupation of the customer also occupied the market, but you have done this in this area? Among the customers we have contacted, how many of them can be followed? Didn't it track down after receiving a reply from someone? Or even if it is followed, there is no further step to dig it? Is it true that most of the inquirers have made customers not customers or acquaintances?

America Canada lane is also called North America lane. It includes Canada and America and these two countries ride across the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This lane can be divided as East America (Atlantic Ocean) lane/West America (Pacific Ocean) lane.

Main ports in West America lane:

Los Angeles; Long Beach; Oakland; Seattle; San Francisco; Tacoma; Vancouver;

Main ports in East America lane:

New York; Norfolk; Savannah; Newark; Charleston; Miami; Toronto; Montreal

Main Carriers:


Sea Freight To America/Canada

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