Long-range aircraft to the airport?

100 years ago, the aircraft invented by the Wright brothers could only stay in the air for 12 seconds. Up to now, the time for people to fly safely in the air has increased to tens of thousands of seconds.

On February 3 next year, when Singapore Airlines opened the Airbus 340-500 aircraft from Changi Airport to Los Angeles, the whole flight will continue, and the longest business flight will be 57,600 seconds (16 hours). Flight record.

The function of the aircraft is getting stronger and stronger, not only flying farther and farther, but also the more passengers are loaded. As a result, airlines have more changes when deploying routes; passengers have more choices when choosing flights.

The variables in this area also affect the status of the aviation hub of Singapore Changi Airport.

The Airbus 340-500 aircraft that Singapore Airlines is about to use has already joined the Emirates Airlines fleet and flew directly from Dubai Airport to Sydney earlier this month. As a result, the airline’s route no longer passes through Singapore.

[b]Crisis is also a business opportunity[/b]

Yao Zhaodong, Singapore’s transportation minister, said in an interview that the long-range aircraft has promoted several countries in the Middle East to transit hubs for the eastern and western hemisphere routes. “Before they had to fly to Australia, they had to stay in some places, usually choose ASEAN. With the Airbus 340-500 aircraft, going to Australia from the Middle East is a breeze.”

He pointed out that as long as the Middle East countries can become a stopover for the Kangaroo route, it is a challenge for Singapore.

However, he said that advanced aircraft technology also provides business opportunities. In two months, Singapore Airlines’ A345 LeaderShip new aircraft will take it directly from Changi Airport to Los Angeles. By August next year, Singapore Airlines will use the same type of aircraft to fly directly to New York for 18 hours.

"So this has opened up a lot of business opportunities for Singapore Airlines, because its flight to the United States no longer needs to stop. Because many countries want to protect their fifth landing rights, do not let other aircraft go to pick up passengers, so look for suitable The stopover is not an easy task."

In addition to allowing foreign airlines to stay at the airport, the fifth landing right can also pick up passengers to other destinations while on the air.

Singapore Airlines President Zhou Juncheng agreed that the pros and cons of the long-range aircraft caused the company to lose some opportunities to pick up passengers from Changi Airport, but also open up some new markets.

He said: "Once you can fly directly from Changi Airport to the United States, you will be able to attract customers from neighboring countries. When we receive the Airbus 380 fighter double-decker in two and a half years, we will provide another round of business opportunities. ”

The Singapore Airlines overlord can carry 500 people. Singapore Airlines will deploy it on high-density routes, and the main airports that will receive such aircraft will be London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney.

The Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Huang Wenliang, said that Singapore Airlines used new aircraft to open up new direct flights, which is equivalent to expanding the Changi Airport contact network. This will allow Singapore Airlines to make better use of the SIA Open Agreement and fly unrestrictedly across the United States.

Even so, Yao Zhaodong pointed out that whether Changi Airport can overcome the challenges in a few years and whether Singapore Airlines can grasp business opportunities is still unknown.

However, not every airline is willing to buy long-range and large aircraft. A British Airways spokesperson pointed out that the oversupply in the market caused the airlines to carry less passengers and not make money.

“We can't predict the civil aviation market for the next 10 to 15 years, and we don't know if we will be interested in large aircraft like the Airbus 380. But at this stage, we have not considered buying any large aircraft.”

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