More than 350,000 registered volunteers

The total number of registered volunteers in Changsha Internet has exceeded 350,000. Yesterday, after the nationwide videoconferencing conference on “Voice of the Civilization and New Breeze” volunteer service activities, Changsha immediately held a special conference. The deputy mayor, He Jihua, emphasized that it is necessary to integrate volunteer service work with the creation of a nationwide civilized city and integrate social management innovation. In conjunction with the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, efforts were made to make Changsha more civilized and more beautiful.

This year, Changsha's volunteer service work of “Cultivate the Civilized Tree and the New Breeze” should aim at “Creating Three Excellences” (creating a beautiful environment, creating a fine order, and creating quality services), with “Three Carings” (Care for the empty-nest old people, Caring for Love City workers and caring for disabled people carry out volunteer services on the main line. We will launch a series of activities such as "Be civilized and courteous in China (Changsha)", "Clean the new home, protect the mother river", "Lei Feng's hometown learning Lei Feng", "Queuing Day" and "Courtesy Day" volunteer services.

He Jihua emphasized that we must further improve the construction of volunteer service mechanisms. Including the mobilization mechanism, that is, to create conditions for more people to participate in voluntary services in and out of the local area; publicity mechanisms to promote volunteers' deeds and deeds, and to strengthen the typical cultivation of volunteer service activities; incentive mechanisms, and in combination with social management innovations to develop Changsha voluntary service activities Benevolent operation of the incentive mechanism to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of volunteers, voluntary organizations and clients.

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