Refrigeration logistics is very crucial for people's livelihood supporting vehicles

Refrigeration logistics is very crucial for people's livelihood supporting vehicles Food prices, in addition to rising costs, seasonal factors can not be ignored. People’s most intuitive impression is that the prices of fresh foods, vegetables, and other foodstuffs at the food farms will rise sharply from the previous season during the high temperature season. One of the most important reasons is that these foods have been degraded and lost during storage and transportation. In other situations, it caused a lot of waste.

Thus, the impact of the development of refrigeration logistics on people's daily lives. In particular, after the World Expo is held, Shanghai will provide sufficient food for domestic and foreign tourists and exhibitors. Such high-volume foods also need to be fresh and safe, and very high demands are placed on refrigeration logistics and related vehicles and equipment. It is understood that the 2010 annual meeting of the cryogenic refrigeration logistics in the Yangtze River Delta, which was held during the World Expo, is showing that all sectors of society pay attention to the Expo and the refrigeration logistics industry.

According to the conference organizer, dozens of experts and guests from relevant Shanghai municipal authorities and domestic well-known refrigerated logistics vehicle manufacturers such as Nanjing Iveco attended the conference to discuss the future development direction of refrigeration logistics and improvement of vehicle equipment. .

According to industry sources, refrigeration logistics has a great advantage over other urban distribution models. On the one hand, it can significantly reduce food, medicine, and other goods, resulting in wastage due to deterioration in the transportation process; on the other hand, it also guarantees consumers. Safety when using these products.

Many European and American developed countries have already issued relevant laws and regulations on cold storage logistics. However, in China, only the development of the refrigeration logistics industry in more developed regions such as Shanghai has received more attention. Shanghai has also taken the lead in enacting relevant regulations for urban logistics and refrigerated logistics vehicles, and has standardized relevant vehicle and equipment standards. The opening of the 2010 World Expo will further enhance the level of Shanghai's cold storage logistics.

The industry believes that, in general, the economic development of large cities, urban distribution demand is strong, advanced logistics vehicles and equipment is the key. For example, the cold delivery in Shanghai has already been referenced to the urban distribution vehicles in Europe. It mainly relies on the overall van type to make the vehicle safer. At the same time, the monolithic cargo has strong advantages in terms of appearance, sealability, economy, etc., and is particularly suitable for cold distribution in the city, which has great potential for development.

In the current domestic commercial vehicle products produced by various manufacturers, European-style integrated van models like Iveco have a strong competitive advantage in the refrigeration logistics chain. In order to meet the needs of urban logistics, Nanjing Iveco has also proposed the concept of “urban light logistics”. With the three characteristics of “lightweight”, “flexible” and “professional”, Nanjing Iveco conducted the development direction of the city logistics and the manufacturing standards of related vehicles. In summary, it provides valuable reference data for the refrigeration logistics industry.

"First-class enterprises do standards", in order to promote the development of China's cold storage logistics, Nanjing Iveco has also participated in the formulation of relevant regulations on urban distribution and refrigeration logistics in various regions. This move further embodies the development of Iveco's refrigeration vehicle and equipment in the logistics industry. Manufacturing strength.

With the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization, refrigeration logistics will receive more and more attention from related departments and companies. Iveco will continue to satisfy China's refrigeration by relying on advanced European concepts and technologies. The demand for the development of the logistics industry allows consumers to be more fresh, safe and affordable.

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