Sanya tour offer cheaper after the holiday half

(Reporter Zhou Bin) After the Spring Festival Golden Week ended, the tourism market price immediately "dive", most of the lines returned to the usual price level, some of the hot line of Spring Festival tourism such as Sanya, Hainan, tourism prices offer more than during the Golden Week period It is half cheaper.

"Now to Sanya to participate in individual travel on the 5th tour just a little more than 2,000 yuan." Hongqiao travel agency staff told reporters that in the Spring Festival just ended the golden week, the same tourist route price more than 4,000 yuan. This situation of “big diving” reflected the most popular routes to the south such as Hong Kong, Macao, and Hainan, mainly due to changes in local fare, accommodation, and ticket discounts.
According to the information provided by the Provincial Office of the Holidays, from the beginning of the fifth year of the year, the travel offer of travel agencies will appear to be “diving” by stages. After the tenth day of the first month, it will include Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival, and the travel offer will further decline to the usual level. According to Xiong Jian, Executive Director of the Provincial Holiday Office and Deputy Director of the Provincial Tourism Administration, from the perspective of tourism in recent years, the Golden Week presents a transition to the “Golden Moon”. Since the domestic annual leave system is basically mature, many office workers can choose Pre-holidays or post-holiday paid vacations to avoid crowded peaks and arrange holidays more freely. Tourists choose to travel before and after the holiday season, not only saving travel expenses, but also getting a good travel experience. From the booking information reflected by the major travel agencies, reservations for post-holiday travel remain high.
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