Shenzhen: 34 overseas exhibition projects such as printing and packaging can apply for subsidies

Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Science, Technology, Industry, Trade and Information Technology announced the “Notice on the Release of the 2011 Shenzhen Key Outbound Exhibition Project Plan.” The estimated number of 34 overseas key exhibition projects with 1,628 booths has been approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. There are 11 exhibitions held in emerging markets.

The notice shows that 34 major overseas exhibition projects in Shenzhen in 2011 included the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Exhibition, the Taipei Computer Show, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show, the London Fashion Week, and the Dubai Autumn Fair, with 29 professional booths. 5 comprehensive exhibition booths with a total booth area of ​​15,234 square meters. The exhibition covers the Internet, biomedicine, new energy, industrial design, electronics, watches, clothing, craft gifts, security products, printing and packaging, medical equipment, auto parts, machinery and other industries .

According to relevant Shenzhen regulations, projects listed in the key outbound exhibition plan will be prioritized for appropriate support. Enterprises participating in key overseas exhibitions may apply for a corresponding subsidy to the Shenzhen Municipal Science, Technology, Industry and Trade and Informationization Commission, of which the exhibition area belongs to the traditional market. 50% of the booth fee is subsidized. The exhibition site is funded by 70% of the stall fees in emerging markets such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

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