Subverting traditional tourism, Hainan Island welcomes a new era of holiday

[May Point Network] "Tourism" can be seen literally. Tour is tourism, sightseeing, entertainment, travel is travel, and travel is a trip for the purpose of sightseeing. And with...

[May Point Network] "Tourism" can be seen literally. Tour is tourism, sightseeing, entertainment, travel is travel, and travel is a trip for the purpose of sightseeing. With the success of Hainan International Tourism Island, Hainan is also facing the challenge of connecting to international tourism.

At the right time, Hainan's public tourism companies launched innovative holiday tourism products, and they came to the people under the shower of the international tourist island. Under the new market situation, the holiday plan and the international tourist island will go international together. People walked into the new era of Hainan vacation.

Compared with traditional sightseeing tours, the new holiday plan can make people's entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

Entertainment - the beauty of the hotel

At present, there are more than 1,000 resort hotels in Hainan, more than 400 in 3 stars and more than 30 in 5 stars. The world's well-known hotel management groups and management brands can be found in Hainan Island. First-class service and first-class landscape. First-class health, first-class convenience, let you feel the romance and warmth that has never been seen before, especially in the hotels around Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay, with different styles and pleasant body and mind.

Hainan's high-star hotels are located in Haikou, Wanning, Sanya, Xinglong, Wuzhishan and other places, allowing you to enjoy Hainan and enjoy yourself. Any resort has a great view, so you can stop by the window. At the time, the beautiful scenery is full of eyes. Let you forget the hustle and bustle of the world.

Entertainment - the exchange of rights holders allows friends and family to enjoy the beautiful mood of the holiday

The new vacation plan allows you to prepare different themed trips in different seasons. You can feel the different changes of the seasons with your family, share your membership benefits with your relatives, friends and share your holiday mood with them. Anyone, let everyone experience the romantic journey of a 10-year vacation plan with you.

In the spring, when everything is awakened from the winter's sleep, the earth is full of vitality, you can bring the body to the spring, feel the rhythm of life, and embark on the spring blossoms.

In the summer, when the footsteps of the spring quietly leave, your child is also immersed in the joy and excitement of the summer vacation, you can bring your own baby to Hainan to experience the Hawaiian Sunshine Coast life, enjoy the fun of the summer vacation.

In the autumn, it took away the hot summer sun. At this time, Hainan’s seafood is the season of red fire. With some friends, you can enjoy the delicious seafood and enjoy the golden autumn seafood.

In the winter, when the sun in the north is secretly hiding in the clouds, the weather is cold, and the journey to the south is to feel the unique sunshine of Hainan winter. It is warm and not hot, giving a whole year's mood a holiday and spending the winter. Sunshine line.

When you experience any warm and romantic life in the new holiday plan, you will cherish the beauty of your life and let the long-lost beauty last for a whole year.

Entertaining God - a relaxed holiday life that completely relaxes tired nerves

In the morning, sit by the pool, with the cool sea breeze, breathe the fresh air, let the cool refreshing feeling touch every nerve of the body. (People's Network)

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