The boss’s wife is in power, and the order to hand is gone.

The forum had been mixed for a long time, and also made many friends. The bills were all kept secret. Oh, the modesty was Chinese and Chinese virtues. When we encountered annoyance, everyone began to exchange ideas. We also saw this friend encountering this incident. It's very annoying. We did not want to see the single hand of the hand. It is difficult to do foreign trade, and it is harder to do without good boss's foreign trade. Listen to what friends say.

After a long absence of customers, I finally contacted the customer who came to our factory last year. He came to the show this year, and he took another look at it. Last year, it was originally intended to place orders, but after reading our products, we felt that we had not placed orders after the quality was poor. Now we have to visit the factory again. I am particularly happy and feel that there is definitely hope. For too long no customer came to the factory, and suddenly there were customers who came to me both nervous and excited. Knowing that the customer is coming in a few days, I have been preparing for good performance. But after the customer came, I was still a bit nervous. Fortunately, customers have to bring translations, or I am more nervous (suddenly feel that they are useless).

The customer has a supplier in China and is a relatively well-known factory. All aspects of quality should be better than ours, but we are cheaper than they are. After the customer came in, he took a look at one of our products. After I told him his request, he asked me to quote. After I reported the price, he did not say anything, saying that he wanted to book 300 square feet. Then I looked at the product and looked at our factory again. It's worth noting that our factory is worthless: your products haven't changed, and the quality is so bad (our quality listens to our boss blowing is the best in Guangdong Province). The scale of the factory has not changed and your factory is in a mess. He said a lot and then kept talking to his translator about how bad our quality was. He was disappointed and said how good the other factories are. I suddenly became paralyzed. I didn't know what to say, nor did I have confidence in what to say. Our factory is really messy. Mess to I want to cry. It was originally a small factory. The boss was in power. Even the aunt who asked for cleaning was not reluctant. The workers are also not under management, and there are rows of things here and there. To put it plainly, like a junkyard.

I was only silent. When I was looking at the guest, he had been telling me that since we had such poor quality, the price should be cheaper. The product that I had previously watched suddenly required me to lose two dollars. I quote him the lowest price, so in the end I said that at least it is RMB 2 less. He shook his head and left. Later I told the boss about the problem and wanted to ask if she could give that customer the lowest price. What did she know when she returned? "Since he thinks that the quality of others is good, he is asked to go to another family to buy, and then this price is the lowest, and there is no need to do his business." I didn't say anything more and walked away. I'm used to it, even if I told her how to reflect the situation in the factory and asked her to improve it, she wouldn’t. Because she always sees only MONEY in front of her, what she has to save. Really do not have confidence to go on, I do not know it is difficult to find a job now?