The failure rate of innovative products in the textile and apparel industry is surprisingly high

Some studies have shown that the failure rate of innovative products is astonishingly high, with some categories even as high as 90%, and those with better conditions are also more than half, and from the statistics of the world, the situation has not changed much in 25 years.

Why does research and innovation fail repeatedly? This is the most fundamental problem that plagues scientific and technological personnel. Of course, we can sum up many reasons from all aspects, but none of these principles are examined and understood from the perspective of people's psychology.

Recently, I saw the report introducing the former president of Intel Grove. He talked about insisting on 10 times of effective innovation. The new product must have 10 times performance improvement over the old product in order to overcome the two-way psychological prejudice of consumers and producers. . To understand the truth, it may be helpful to understand the reasons for the success or failure of new products.

The American scholar John T. Gourville published his research in the Harvard Business Review. His research shows that whenever a consumer likes the product's advantages or the features of a product that consumers have become accustomed to, the consumer will ask for compensation three times.

There is a persuasive example of this study – assuming you take your mobile phone now, you can only use a landline phone. Calculated economically, if you now have a monthly mobile phone charge of $600, of which $100 is a call charge, $500 is a "mobile convenience fee" for roaming and wireless links paid to the communications company. Your mobile phone qualification will now be canceled. During this time you will not be able to use other people's mobile phones, but you can use any fixed phone. I know that you are accustomed to using a cell phone. Now you have to be "fixed" on a landline or even a public phone. This obviously brings you a lot of inconvenience. For this reason, I am willing to compensate you. How much do you think it is fair to compensate?

On this issue, scholars have surveyed many people. There has never been a single person whose answer is less than 500 yuan. The majority of people have an answer of 2,000 to 3,000 yuan. One entrepreneur even asked for compensation of 1 million yuan.

Of course, 1 million yuan is a little more, but we can fully understand the feelings of entrepreneurs. Sometimes the value of a telephone may exceed 1 million yuan. This is a key issue. Obviously, consumers only spent 500 yuan to buy mobile convenience. After being canceled, why is the compensation required far higher than 500 yuan?

The reason is that once consumers use and enjoy some of the features of the product, such as the convenience of mobile phones, they will attach their own emotions to this feature. The longer it is used, the deeper it will be. Now that mobile phones have become a part of consumers’ lives, if anybody dares to cancel this “privilege”, the compensation that consumers demand is not only the performance of the original product, but also puts all the emotions that they invest into demand. make up.

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