The first hospitality of the island city, Shandong New Year's Association, to create a tiger year dinner

[May Point Network] On the morning of January 12th, the 2010 Tourism Industry Service Quality Year Mobilization Conference was held at the Qingdao Municipal Organs Conference Center. I learned from the meeting that Qingdao will launch a series of activities,...

[May Point Network] On the morning of January 12th, the 2010 Tourism Industry Service Quality Year Mobilization Conference was held at the Qingdao Municipal Organs Conference Center. It was learned from the meeting that Qingdao will carry out a series of activities to improve the service level of the tourism industry in Qingdao, and further improve the satisfaction of tourists to create an international seaside resort city.

The first "Hospital Shandong New Year's Conference" to create the Year of the Tiger Tourism Meal "Hospital Shandong New Year's Party" is the Qilu auspicious folk culture under the guidance of the "Hospital Shandong" brand, with the theme of the New Year as the theme of the event, with the "Meeting" as the main organizational form A comprehensive festival of cultural and tourism integration. With the concept of “inheriting culture, innovating folklore, and driving consumption”, the event carries out the “New Year’s Eve” event with outstanding cultural symbolism, extensive social participation and sustained economic consumption. Around the Spring Festival, Qingdao will launch the "New Year's Banquet", "New Year's Eve", "Happy New Year" and "New Year's Eve" brands.

1. "New Year's Banquet". The "New Year's Banquet" is not a New Year's Eve dinner, but a banquet with different standards, different price points and different forms of Lu cuisine as the main theme of the "New Year's Eve". Innovate the form and content of the "New Year's Banquet", and cooperate with the "New Year's Banquet" to hold sweepstakes, small performing arts, and gifts for the New Year, to create a festive atmosphere for the "New Year's Banquet." Through the "New Year's Banquet", we will cultivate a batch of specialty Lu cuisine dishes and introduce a group of masters of Lu cuisine to improve the production level of Shandong cuisine. With the "New Year's Banquet" as a carrier, we will promote Lu cuisine to domestic and foreign tourists, and promote Lu cuisine, so that consumers can truly eat culture, taste, and eat the atmosphere.

2. "New Year's Eve". All tourism commodities and tourist souvenirs production and management units plan and produce a batch of “New Year’s Eve” tourism products around the holiday market demand. The "New Year's Eve" culture is organically integrated into the folk traditional Chinese New Year cultural products such as paper-cutting, Spring Festival couplets and "Fu" characters, and fosters a new non-material form of "New Year's Eve".

3. "Happy New Year". Focusing on creating a festive and festive atmosphere, we will explore a variety of folk cultures and carry out a variety of "New Year's Eve" activities. Organize rural tourism such as farmhouses and fishermen, and launch the “Happy New Year” event with folk customs and folk customs as the main content. Visitors will enjoy happiness and spiritual satisfaction in experiencing the culture of different years.

4. "New Year's Eve". The tourist attractions of various districts and cities have launched a series of “hot springs, skiing, folklore and other winter tourism products” in addition to “Grand Year to Shandong” and two Lunar New Year products, birthday trips and adult trips. Innovative tourism products and activities during the annual festival attract domestic and foreign tourists to Shandong.

The main content of the 2010 Qingdao Tourism Quality Year: First, carry out the “Quality Tourism, Travel with You” campaign. The production of public service advertisements was broadcasted on Qingdao TV Station and printed on the promotion of tourism service quality.

Secondly, organize "civilized tourism, rational consumption" into the community publicity activities. The use of the 3.15 event day, the opening of the tourism common sense column in the Qingdao Morning Post, the opening of the quality year webpage column in the Qingdao Tourism Administration Network, and other popular forms of tourism common sense, so that the concept of "civilized tourism, rational consumption" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Once again, the “Tourism Quality Miles” campaign was launched. Use the various media such as the Internet and newspapers to publicize the “Tourism Quality Miles” activity: on the one hand, it is necessary to open up the exposure platform to expose the problems arising in the quality year activities; on the other hand, it is necessary to show the advanced typical enterprises that have emerged in the quality year. Give praise and publicity.

Finally, information on tourism complaints is regularly issued to guide tourists to choose a tourism company with good reputation to provide services, and to expose and deal with more serious violations and typical cases in relevant media. (Shandong Province Tourism Information Center)

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