The unspoken rules of the express delivery industry were first signed and the inspection was found to be illegal

The reporter learned from the Beijing Consumers’ Association on the 1st that a total of 22 city consumer rights protection agencies in 21 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, including the Consumer Council and the Consumer Protection Committee, and the China Consumer News Agency, held that the long-term implementation The unspoken rules of the “first signing and post-examination” courier service industry are illegal provisions that infringe consumers’ right to information and fair trade rights. Consumers have the right to “check and sign the goods first”.

In recent years, express delivery services have been inseparable from the work and life of the general public. Mail delivery, online shopping, TV shopping, radio shopping, telephone shopping... The convenient express delivery service enables long-distance item delivery and various off-site shopping. However, when consumers pick up courier goods, they often encounter problems such as missing, damaged, lost packages, and improper boards. The long-term implementation of the “first sign and post inspection” line has led to the emergence of a large number of consumer disputes. .

In July of this year, Ms. Zhang of Shanghai delivered a new mobile phone to Wuhan’s father. Ms. Zhang’s father received the express delivery, opened the package after signing and found that her daughter’s original express phone turned into a soap.

In the end, it should be "first sign, after inspection," or "first inspection, after the signature." In response to this, most courier companies believe that if the outer package of the courier item is intact, the courier company has completed the delivery obligation, and the courier item is Irresponsible, it must be "first sign, after inspection"; and consumers believe that even if the outer package is intact, but the contents of the inside may be lost or damaged, it should be "first inspection, after the signature."

At present, the quality of operators in the express delivery industry is uneven, and unregulated behaviors have occurred repeatedly. Twenty-two cities’ consumer rights protection agencies agreed that the unspoken rules of the “first signing and post-inspection” industry in the express delivery industry are illegal provisions that not only infringe on consumers’ right to information and fair trade rights, but also violate national laws and regulations, and Objectively contribute to the frequent fraud in off-site shopping.

The National Postal Bureau's "Postal Industry Standard for Express Delivery Services" implemented on January 1, 2008 stipulated that: "When express shipments are signed, the following requirements must be met: When the courier service personnel deliver the shipment to the recipient, they should be obliged to inform the recipient of the express acceptance inspection; After the acceptance has no objection, the inspector shall confirm the receipt; if he refuses to sign, the inspector shall indicate the reason and time for rejection on the valid documents such as the express delivery document, and sign it.” The 22 urban consumer rights protection agencies believe that this standard is clear After the shipment is delivered, it must be checked and accepted first, and the inspection and acceptance operation procedures should be confirmed after the acceptance. Therefore, "first signing, after inspection" is an illegal clause and has no legal effect on consumers. Consumers have the right to refuse.

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