What is the difference between China and South Korea from Incheon Airport Service?

Several departures were made at the Incheon Airport in Seoul, Korea (referred to as "Incheon Airport"), and this time it was also in Russia.

Incheon Airport (Phase I Project) was put into use in 2001. It is one of the six major airports in Asia. It has opened more than 70 international routes around the world, handling 170,000 aircraft movements per year, and 27 million passengers entering and leaving the country. To a certain extent, it is absolutely incapable of catching up with Shanghai Pudong International Airport ("Pudong Airport"), which was put into use in 2004 after China's transformation. However, it has become the busiest air traffic hub in the Far East, and China's routes to Russia, Western Europe, and North America are mostly transited.

Some people say that the flight attendants in South Korea have attracted many guests, so that many airlines choose to be in this episode. I think the main thing is not the beautiful Korean flight attendants, but the quality service provided by the Niangzi Army combined by these flight attendants.

When we traveled to and from Russia, we boarded the aircraft of Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd. We saw that there was a bottle of pure water in each seat, which is no different for passengers who have been waiting for a long time and have a dry mouth. Send charcoal in the middle. In the more than 9 hours of flight, the flight attendant provided us with a staple food and two or three Korean snacks. There are rice or pasta in the dinner, the amount is not big, the side dishes are fish, fresh vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes and the like; drinks are orange juice, beer or red wine to choose from, coffee or black tea after the meal. After eating the staple food and the exquisite snacks that have been sent in succession, and sending drinks many times, you will never be hungry during long flights.

It’s probably the best place to use it. The tall, white-skinned, elegantly dressed, these Korean girls became a beautiful landscape in the cabin; the pale green scarf on their neck, a beautiful knot, slanted to the neck, two Only the sharp corners swayed up and down the left ear, which added a youthful atmosphere; and their short Chinese language of service such as: "Do you want a drink?" "Please fasten your seat belt." "Thank you!" Bells are beautiful. Every time I greet, I bend a little to show respect. On the beautiful face, there is always a sincere smile.

From 2006 to 2007, Incheon Airport was named the world's best service airport by the Swiss International Airport Association for two consecutive years. The resulting attractiveness maximizes the amount of passengers. The planes that we can accommodate for four or five hundred people are basically full and the cost is relatively low.

From the service of Incheon Airport in South Korea, I thought of the service of our domestic airport. This time I just encountered one thing to compare.

When I left Russia, I bought a few bottles of vodka and shipped them to Shanghai. After I arrived in Shanghai, I remembered that it seems that each person in the country can only consign two bottles of liquor. I brought two more bottles. In order to avoid trouble when boarding the plane, I went to the airport to ask for it. First arrive at Pudong Airport Terminal 1. In the departure hall, many airlines have service counters. I am back to Wuhan, China Southern Airlines Company Limited ("China Southern Airlines") aircraft. I first went to the China Southern counter to ask: "Excuse me, can I bring a few bottles of liquor to the aircraft?" My tone is very respectful. Inside is a man. He did not answer my question positively. Instead, he asked: "Which plane are you flying in?" "China Southern Airlines." I replied. "Then what do you ask this question? China Southern Airlines is at Terminal 2." I am somewhat confusing, saying: "Are you not China Southern?"

I am going to send two bottles of vodka back through the postal parcel. I found the postal company in the same building. The answer is very simple: "Liquor can't be mailed."

I had to continue to ask about the consignment of liquor at several other airline counters in the vicinity of the same building. The answer from the people is: "You directly ask the airline you are riding." So I came to Terminal 2 and asked the ticket seller at the China Southern Airlines counter. The answer is: "You go directly to the China Southern Baggage Check-in Office."

At the China Southern Baggage Check-in Counter, I asked a female shipper. She answered my question with certainty: "As long as it is consigned, the liquor is not subject to the limit of two bottles." My heart is still not practical. I also asked another shipper who was separated from several counters. She was also inaccurate. After asking her boss, she replied with affirmation that "only two bottles can be checked."

My head is big. Who should I listen to? ! I think the two bottles of vodka that I bought more have become cumbersome. Turned around and asked the first shipper. She and the shipper I asked later called directly, and the second said that I had asked for it. So, the shipper said that we are only responsible for consignment, you better go to the front security checkpoint. I had to come to the baggage security office next to me. Also a lady, she asked: "How much is your liquor?" I said: "Forty degrees." She said that the problem is not big. Still unsuccessful.

The next morning, I was carrying a liquor consignment in Terminal 2 with a restless mood. The result was very smooth, and the two bottles were not blocked. Moreover, the "fragile items" label is attached to the luggage. After arriving in Wuhan, I continued to check in to Enshi. Wuhan Nanhang baggage consignment heard that I checked the liquor, and scanned it with X-ray machine. I also posted the “Fragile Items” label. When I picked up my luggage at Enshi Airport, on the baggage car, I saw that my suitcase with the “Fragile Items” label was placed on the other luggage. My vodka, finally, like me, safely home. That night, our family gathered for dinner and celebrated the success of the trip. I drank a bottle of vodka that was a little leaky. It was the result of the labeling of “fragile items” when I checked in Moscow.

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